Bright Lips for Summer

Summer colors are arriving and they are Fab-u-lous! From Nudes to Bolds. A lot of woman think that they can't wear a bold color but it's all about how you apply it. You can pair a very nude color with a bright lip color, or just even a pop of gloss. If you are using a bright color, first apply a light coat then reapply until you achieve the brightness you want.

Preparing the mouth is key before applying lipstick; first exfoliate your lips with Elemental Boutique's 2A Lip Pumice which removes dead skin cells, leaving lips soft and refreshed.

These lipstick colors look good in combination with just an eyeliner and a mascara for a fresh summer face--you don’t even need to worry about an eye shadow.
June 15, 2014 by Georgia Fath
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