6 Tips for Applying Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

1. Prep your face by using a primer under your foundation.
2A Retexturizing Face Primer will help to smooth out your skin, tone down un-even patches and redness and, most importantly, it will make your foundation and/or makeup last all day. This multi-tasking primer contains Dermat Complex which controls shine while visibly reducing pores. Salicylic Acid is added to help in the exfoliation process and to eliminate pore blockage. Skin smoothing Silica prepares skin for flawless makeup application.
DON'T forget to prep your eyes! 2A Botanical Shadow Primer is a soothing, herbal shadow base that evens skin tone, camouflages flaws and provides the perfect canvas for creaseproof, all day color.  
2. Do your eye makeup first.
Often my clients find it odd when I prep their skin and then go straight to their eye makeup and brows, but it makes perfect sense! If you do the skin first, then eyes, you run the risk of getting eye shadow over your finished face. This way you can just wipe away any eyeshadow “fall out” with a small fluffy brush or a cotton pad with some remover on it without affecting your base. 
3. Foundation.
Although I'm a huge advocate of using products with SPF, for any of my clients being photographed I use 2A Mineral Photo Touch Foundation infused with a blend of optically diffusing minerals which will not react to the flash of a camera causing you to you look pale.
4. Apply your concealor after your foundation.
Foundation always comes first, it allows you to see which areas of the face require more coverage. The best method for concealer application over foundation includes dotting the product on with a brush, then seamlessly melding it into the skin with your fingers. 2A Mineral Photo Touch Concealer with Skin Optic Light Technology, light-reflective minerals, and line-filling Corrective Micro-Spheres delivers the ultimate in camouflage. Dark circles, blemishes, and fine lines virtually disappear.  If you feel more comfortable concealing first, that is fine.
5. Don’t Over Powder!
Stick to either translucent powder such as 2A Flawless Finish or or 2A Baked Hydrating Powder.  Apply with a large fluffy brush.  If you want a “glowy” makeup, just apply powder to the T-Zone (forehead nose and chin).  
6.  Lastly, let's not forgot about lips.
Sometimes your lips are just dry & flaky despite lots of water and lip balm. Give them a little TLC with 2A Lip Pumice and Vitamin E Stick.  
"A successful marriage isn’t the union of two perfect people. It’s that of two imperfect people who have learned the value of forgiveness and grace.”
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