LipToxyl X3


Brand: 2A Cosmetic

For smoother, fuller, younger-looking lips. Boosts hydration and collagen synthesis to banish wrinkles and build fullness and volume.

  • A daily treatment that mimics Botox and is non-toxic.
  • Results within approximately 8 weeks of consistent use: 45% reduction in wrinkle depth; 19.5% improvement in skin tone; 16% improvement in lifting.
  • Helps prevent collagen and elastin breakdown for firmer, more resilient skin.
  • Super hydration - Sodium Hyaluronate, a naturally-derived plumping agent works to bind water to lips, boosting volume, making lips appear fuller.
  • Repairs and continuously replumps lips and a cushiony fullness.

This super-charged lip plumping system features a threefold approach to re-hydrate, re-smooth and re-volumize lips. Within three hours of application, this powerful combination of active ingredients has been clinically proven to plump lips by 158%, increase hydration by 155% and improve smoothness by 533%, delivering both immediate and long-term benefits. Lips stay plump and hydrated. This re-volumizing lip care treatment is a lightweight, soothing treatment that works as a true architectural solution to return lips to young-looking contours, a less-lined appearance and cushiony plumpness.