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Meet Georgia Fath, beauty expert and founder of 2A Cosmetic. With a natural passion for makeup, Georgia is a freelance makeup artist and certified skincare specialist. Frustrated by inferior formulations, poor usability, and product promises that never seem to hold true, Georgia set out to create a line of cosmetics that she had always wished for: one that was free of synthetic ingredients and was actually good for your skin. The result is 2A Cosmetic, a healthful and glamorous makeup line that gives you artist-inspired beauty in a few simple steps.

2A Cosmetic strives to put care before color and sacrifice neither. Our formulas are derived from plant extracts, emollients, skin rejuvenators, and conditioners, but what may be more important is the ‘stuff’ we left out: oils, fragrance, and other harsh ingredients. And the colors are as fresh, playful, and on trend as you are, all the while giving your natural beauty a boost of antioxidants, vitamins, and the highest-grade minerals. And, if that wasn’t enough, our luxurious formulas have exceptional staying power to last all day long.

"Putting your best face forward is about self respect and self esteem, not vanity. There is a lot of pressure on women to be cover girl-perfect these days. Beauty isn’t about looking perfect; it’s about who you are. Let me help you to create your own ‘look’ with makeup techniques and colors that bring out your own natural beauty and let’s empower women everywhere to celebrate their differences."

Elemental Boutique was created to bring this exceptional line of cosmetics to you. Every woman deserves her own customized makeup blueprint to map out her personal path to beauty and self-confidence. You are your own artist and should celebrate in your individual style, be it makeup diva or minimalist, you make your own rules.


Tu es belle! You are beautiful! 2A Cosmetic.